Kortier Virtual Pedal Harp, MIDI controller

This harp is solid walnut, which gives it a beautiful appearance. The slim body portion encloses electronics that convert your harp playing into MIDI messages, to control any synthesizer. Think of yourself playing a keyboard synth, except you are playing a harp instead. This is a controller only, you will connect it to your own synthesizer or computer to make the actual sounds.

The pedal base unit is quickly and easily removed (and reattached) by loosening two wing nuts by hand, no tools are needed. This allows the harp to be packed in a totally flat case for ease of travel. This harp has had one owner who has decided to trade up to a conventional pedal harp with the MIDI electronics added to that instrument. But this one will enable the same synthsized sounds, at half the price and one third the weight to carry around. It just doesn't produce harp sounds directly, it is not an acoustic harp.


Price of $6,000 includes case, power supply, MIDI cable, and tuning wrench. Email me if you have question. To purchase, see instructions on Purchase Page