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61 string cross strung harp, solid body electric

This harp is fully chromatic, with a string for every note, and a pickup on every string. It is available for immediate delivery as it was traded up for another harp. The string band is divided into 2 sections, the high strings can be run through different effects pedals or amplification than the bass, and vice versa. Included in the sale price of $4,950 is a custom made carrying case and shipping to you at no extra cost.

If interested in purchasing this harp, email and I will answer any questions you might have.

Brigid model wire strung harp

This harp is an example of an early Irish harp, historically informed, but not modelled after a specific museum instrument. It is smaller than most, and the woods used are traditional species, but laminated together, not carved from the solid log.

The strings are brass wire, usually played with the fingernails. The price, with fitted case and shipping to you, is $3400.