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Replicating the Trinity College Harp

The following photos trace the process of building replicas of the famous Trinity College Harp, sometimes referred to as the Brian Boru Harp. Ann Heymann was the motivating force behind this project, as she obtained the log of English white willow, had it milled to appropriately sized blocks, imported and delivered to my shop in Duluth Minnesota. Six months later, the harps had voice. Ann is playing one of the harps now, the other one is played by Siobhan Armstrong. Siobhan has released a recording done on this harp- Cláirseach na hÉireann - The Harp of Ireland.

Siobhan also played before Queen Elizabeth on the occasion of the royal visit to the Trinity College Library, using this harp.



Carving the lizard (eel) (salmon) (whatever)!

The harps ready to receive strings-

Ann and Charlie Heymann stringing the Trinity