Early Irish wire strung harp- Lamont replica

The Lamont has the distinction among the surviving early Irish harps of having the widest soundbox, by a siginificant margin. The width across the bottom of the soundbox is a full 17 inches. Most harps of this time and place are 13 to 14 inches. As a result, the sound of the Lamont is very deep and rich. The soundbox of this particular example is made of English walnut, which I believe is the exact wood used in the original harp. I constructed the box by carefully gluing boards together to simulate a carved box, as no suitable large piece of timber was available to carve it out in the customary manner. The neck and pillar of the harp are single pieces of maple with traditional mortice and tenon joints. The shoes of the strings are cast brass, and the ornamental cap on the front is sterling silver. The "door" panel on the back of the soundbox is oak.

A zippered soft case from Cronkhite Custom Cases is included, and I will pay the shipping in North America.

Price of $5,500 includes case, some extra brass wire, tuning wrench, and shipping within the US or Canada. To purchase, see instructions on Purchase Page