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Standard features, Kortier electric harps:

    •Carefully laminated 5 ply neck and pillar of select hardwoods, very strong yet resonant.
    •Kortier piezo pickups on every string, developed specifically for harps.
    •Loveland sharping lever on every string.
    •Nylon and Fluorocarbon strings, metal in bass octave.
    •The built-in Fishman Powerjack preamp is powered by a 9 volt battery, good for an estimated 1,000 hours of use.
    •Stand (base board) clamps onto slots in side of body, no tools required.
    •The pickups snap together, no soldering involved should you ever need to repair your harp. See the Pickups page.


24 string- $2,495

31 string- $3,450

36 string- $3,850

40 string- $4,200

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Kortier electric harps have an automotive quality enamel finish, available in a variety of colours. Popular choices are red, blue, gold, white, and gloss black. Let me know if you have a particular need, and we'll see if my painters can match it.
Acoustic/electric harps
Harps in Stock
49 string cross strung electric harp- $4,000

61 string cross strung electric harp- $4,800
24 String F style 31 String F style 31 String Gothic style 36 String Pro style
40 String Gothic style X49 Cross Strung Electric X61 Cross Strung Electric MIDI controller
Cross strung electric harps