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My electric harps have a pickup (a piezo transducer) for each string on the harp. I handcraft the pickups here in my shop using a design and a process which I have developed through years of working with electric harps and MIDI controller harps. The pickups give a clear, consistent, and natural harp sound when when you connect your harp to any amplifier or sound system.

I offer several models of solid body (non-acoustic) harps, as well as acoustic/electric harps using these advanced design pickups. If you are a harpmaker, or want to be one, I will sell you the pickups and related wiring.

Harps available for purchase are posted on my Harps in Stock page. I am not currently accepting orders for new harps to be built, with the exception of historical models.

David Kortier -- Harpmaker
1231 E. 9th Street * Duluth, MN 55805

Email : david@kortier.com

site updated September 20, 2015

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Note- New generation of pickups! I am pleased to announce that my pickups (transducers) are easier than ever to install on a harp. The ultra miniature coaxial connectors simply snap together and provide reliable hum free connections throughout the entire system.

At the same time, I have improved the design of the pickups themselves to be extremely well shielded against hum and interference, and they have a significantly wider range of response. You will get a richer, fuller sound than you ever expected from your harp.

Because the pickups can be installed without specialized technical skill, I have put together packages of component parts for those who may wish to make installations themselves. If you are interested, click here.